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Rescue facilities have limited capacity and resources to house animals in their temporary homes, so they can only do so much to clean up this mess. Some pet owners are forced to send their animals to a sad fate—euthanasia—if the shelter is unable to find adoptive owners for them.


On whether or not to permit euthanasia in shelters, there has been a protracted discussion about humanism. It is sometimes the only alternative left to animal shelters in order to make room for more rescues by putting a living being to a quick and merciful death, or euthanasia.


Many animal rights activists, however, have condemned this action and recommended that, in order to prevent spreading disease to other animals at the shelter, euthanasia be limited to the most seriously ill animals. Numerous shelters have already adopted this concept, however some have clung to the tried-and-true approach in order to maintain their shelter. Hours from being put to death, these two canines were.


The timer for each dog in a kiII-shelter is set for a specific amount of time, and sadly, for these two pups, that time was just a few hours away from coming up. It’s Kala and Keira, respectively. Since being relocated to the Etowah Valley Humane Society (EVHS) animal shelter in 2015, a nonprofit shelter in Georgia, the two canines have always been together. They shared nearly everything during their entire lifetime because they were bunkmates.


Tragically, because the shelter permits euthanasia, their time had come, and the shelter was just waiting for prospective rescuers who could save them before the clock ran out. People were encouraged to come and save them by a message that was sent by some good individuals.


These gorgeous dogs were seen by volunteers from the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, who then learned the horrible news about them. Since there are no foster homes available, they were unable to take the dogs themselves; however, they offered their assistance in locating a temporary caregiver for the dogs or, ideally, an adopter.


For their social media post, the rescuers captured the ideal image of Kala hugging Kierra. They narrated the tale in a very tearful way, with Kala pleading for her closest friend and herself.


In an effort to reach someone who might be able to save them, the readers, who were horrified and heartbroken for the two, started to help spread the news. A man promptly hurried to the shelter to rescue them when the post became popular and reached him.

The pups kissed the man with their grateful hearts and he placed his arms around them with joy. Having found the appropriate owners, Kala and Kierra are now content to live with them.


They hadn’t yet found a permanent home since the man’s promise to temporarily foster them. The puppies did, however, finally locate their new mothers, Pam Cody and Wendy Newman, three months after the photo was uploaded.


As the two, like them, were best friends as well as roommates, Kala and Kierra were likewise ideal for them. Amazingly, their snapshot improved their lot and assisted them in locating the ideal permanent house.

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