Pittiе faIIs asIееρ оn fоstеr mоm’s hand aftеr finaIIy bеing rеsсuеd

Trap most certainly didn’t have a loving upbringing.


He was after all “bandaged” on a Brooklyn street by his father, who had tied him to a gate.

It was quite upsetting to see Trap’s desertion on film. The previous owner of Trap had tied him up and had come into the store not far from where Trap was tied up to inform the owner that a dog had been left there.

Trap was obviously bewildered and upset after his father vanished. For assistance, he was glancing at every passerby. The dog was thankfully found by nice individuals who noticed his anguish and realized that he had been abandoned. One Lucky Pup, a program run by Mr. Bones & Co., was contacted by some Good Samaritans, who then took in the pit bull and brought it there.



Trap was given excellent treatment and a thorough physical examination by those people. He had hip dysplasia, therefore they planned for him to get a new hip after learning this. When that procedure didn’t work, they had him have another one while continuing to work on his mobility with intensive physical therapy.



In addition, Trap’s rotting teeth required dental work to be fixed. After they were able to make contact with Trap’s old owners via his microchip, they eventually discovered that his real name was Trap.


Prior to his ability to fully recover from his surgeries, she waited on him for six weeks.

Mr. Bones & Co. Rescue posted on their Facebook page, “We took things one day at a time, and his foster mama set him up for success every step along the way.


Trap was driven around by Kristin, who also saw to it that he recovered properly and didn’t overdo it while he was recovering.


Trap slept in his foster mother’s arms because he felt safe there. In his foster family, Trap was lavished with luxury. He had plenty of cushy sweaters to wear, games to play, and all the hugs and kisses he could want or require.


Following his last examination, Trap was prepared to be offered for adoption. Just as Mr. Bones & Co. were about to share this, they got a call from Kristin, his foster mother, who had meticulously practiced the home rehab exercises, slept on the floor next to him when he needed comfort, carried him when he was unable to walk, fed him by hand when he was too medicated to eat, and carried him when he was unable to walk.



She had been really devoted to Trap, Kristin said. She couldn’t abandon him in any manner. It is impossible to imagine a happier conclusion to Trap’s tale. After being unceremoniously dumped, Trap is now enjoying the life of his dreams with someone who genuinely loves him.


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