Eight Locations Suitable for a Fairytale

  • January 25, 2024

In Portugal’s Sintra Mountains, the Pena Palace stands as a showcase of King Ferdinand II’s flamboyant taste, featuring a red clock tower and a yellow minaret. Abandoned in 1910, it earned UNESCO heritage status after restoration.

In France, the Chateau de LiMont Chandenier, though abandoned after a fire, echoes with the memories of French aristocratic parties, now being rescued by restoration efforts.

The Alcazar of Segovia in Spain, a fortress turned royal palace, boasts a fairy-tale charm with a brick facade and turrets. Climbing over 150 stairs rewards visitors with panoramic views.

Mont Saint-Michel, an abbey between Normandy and Brittany, enchants with its Gothic architecture on an island, drawing millions yearly and earning UNESCO recognition.

In the Tuscan hills, the Castello di Samazano, a Moorish-style castle with 365 uniquely tiled rooms, remains empty since the 1990s. A local non-profit strives to preserve its decaying beauty.

Slovenia’s Lake Bled, nestled in the Julian Alps, captivates with a cliffside castle and an island church. The Assumption of Mary Church, reached by traditional wooden boats, adds magic with its ancient wishing bell.

Turkey’s Pamukkale, the “Cotton Castle,” lures with cascading white pools of mineral-rich water, known for therapeutic properties since ancient times. These eight destinations, each with its own story and allure, offer a glimpse into enchanting realms, transcending the ordinary with their historical and architectural wonders.

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