A Stray ςat Lεads Her Family to a ρσlice Statιon Where They Find a ρεrmaηent Rεsιdence

A stray cat found her way into a police station, seeking assistance, and decided to establish it as her permanent residence.

This gorgeous calico cat seemed to have a special connection with the officers at a police station in Pusan, South Korea. A few months prior, she had witnessed these officers burying her kittens who tragically lost their lives in a road accident. When she returned to the station, she encountered the same compassionate officers who recognized her pregnancy.


The officers welcomed her presence and affectionately named her “Molang,” meaning “don’t know.” This name was chosen as they had no knowledge of her age or origin. In preparation for her delivery, the officers created a makeshift “delivery room” under the sofa and even assisted in cutting the kittens’ umbilical cords.


Molang gave birth to four kittens, and the police station became their permanent home. Whenever packages arrived at the station, the cats found solace in napping on them. This amicable feline family now collaborates with the police officers, offering companionship and support in their duties.


The entire police station instantly fell in love with this cat family, and they have become the cherished mascots of the facility. They receive excellent care, are provided with nourishing food, enjoy ample playtime, and grow up in a loving environment.


As an interesting twist, these delightful kittens have now become the country’s first-ever police cat family, leaving a lasting impression on their adopted police station.



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